Obviously crop tops aren’t going anywhere any time soon. And…I have never been the biggest fan of this style. But when a trend as popular as the crop trop persists for a long enough period of time, designers figure out a way to make the most of that single look. And fortunately for me, I like what they have done this spring!

The crop top/pencil skirt combination is an ingenious ensemble. Truly, it is. This set is a mod twist on a woman’s basic business getup: blouse and pencil skirt. In fact, it makes the look night-on-the-town worthy while still maintaining reserve fit for a “I’m meeting my partner’s family for the first time” dinner. This combination takes an otherwise suggestive top and manages to make it look clean, sophisticated, and even elegant.

There are two main types of crop top/pencil skirt sets. The first is a match set: same fabric/print; you buy them together.  The second is a mix-and-match outfit: the combination of separate tops and bottoms.

Since the crop top trend is directed towards women who are extremely thin, many woman who don’t have this body type shy away from the crop top because it’s extremely revealing. But, the reason I love this new style is due to the fact that it can work on any body type! You see, the concept behind this “twosie” mixes the timelessness of a high-waisted pencil skirt and the contemporary edginess of a crop top. The skirt’s high-waist cut covers the stomach, an area of sensitivity for many women, and the crop top can be any length you please! It can show just a sliver of skin or it can be a bralette type deal; whatever makes the wearer feel sexy, classy, and confident. 

Better yet, these two-piece sets come at every price range; they are sold in stores such as Forever 21 or on and by top name designers. 

Want to get the look? has some great combinations; For more looks, just type in “crop top and pencil skirt” into Google…I assure you that one of the many links there will lead you to your perfect combination!




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