Easy, Breezy Rompers

I apologize for the technical glitches that have been occurring with this post! If you already saw it/read it/etc, well, I do apologize. Anyways…

Many women dislike going outside of their fashion comfort zone. I do admit that I am one of the biggest offenders of this lack of risk-taking; I like my evolving style and I like wearing dark colors. I also have to admit that I did something pretty scandalous…I bought a romper. Normally, I don’t look twice at rompers; I automatically assume they will look horrific on me. I bought this lace-up back romper because it happened to be very flattering: it highlighted my waist and proceed to fan out into an ‘easy, breezy, beautiful’ pair of shorts.

There are always do’s and dont’s to any clothing/style choice, and in my mind, the romper is an article of clothing that must be chosen wisely. You see, pulling of a romper has everything to do with the relationship between your figure and the silhouette of the romper itself. And this is where many women go awry.

1. Do buy a romper that has flowing fabric. The clingier the fabric, the greater the chance that you’ll highlight some unwanted (and totally normal!!) lumps and bumps.

2. Don’t buy a romper that is too tight. Make sure that you can breathe and move freely. This has ended badly for many people.

3. Do buy a romper that cinches at your waist.

4. Don’t buy a romper that is hard to take off! When buying a romper, imagine you are in a port-o-potty: can you easily take off this onesie in that small amount of space?

5. Do buy a romper that is either a solid color or has a simple pattern. Crazy, vibrant patterns tend to be overwhelming and (sometimes) less flattering.

6. Don’t go into that dressing room assuming you will look bad in a romper (like me!)! If the first pick doesn’t fit and flatter, move on to the next one! Don’t buy a romper that looks mediocre, find one that makes you feel confident and sophisticated!

Like this item? Here is the same look online from Urban Outfitters!



Photo Credit: Micayla


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