Top Four

For a good 75% (or in Wisconsin’s case: 90%) of the year we are cursed with having to wear sweaters, jackets, and scarves over our tops. But it’s summer now, and that means freedom from the bulky outer garments that weigh us down and cover us up. So by “top”, I literally mean a top…but I’m also talking about the four best types of tops to wear this summer. 

1. The Loose Tank– Summer is the time to show off your beach bod…we got it. But “loose tank” doesn’t mean “rag”. It means something flowing, easy, comfortable, cute. It can be tucked in to skirts or worn loose over jeans. Any color works too, even black (by the way, black is an all-year color in my mind).

Want more tank styles? Check out the Photography Pages!


2. The White V-Neck-
This is the most basic summer top that every man and woman should own. It can be loose; it can be tight. But the white v-neck goes with any summery bottom, that is why it is the essential top of summer. It’s casual when paired with slacks/high-waisted shorts or can be dressed up with a midi skirt and wedges. You choose!




coverupfinal3. The Light Cover-Up- Even though it’s summer, there are always a few cooler days. This is where the cover-up comes in! This top should be a simple pull over or button down shirt. My choice this summer is the linen tunic: it’s relaxed, extremely light, and totally appropriate for the beach, a lunch date, or lounging around with friends at a coffee shop.




4. The Misky- Otherwise known as ‘the miscellaneous’, this shirt is the random crop top or t-shirt that somehow made its way into your closet. It’s extremely important to have a few of these tops. Why? Well hey, you never know when you’re going to need boxy crop top or a sleeveless denim button down right?







The tops pictured are from various stores including Brandy MelvilleAnthropologie, Zara, Forever 21, and multiple boutiques that will remain unnamed (because I do not remember all the names!).

Happy top-shopping!




Photo Credit: Micayla



  1. Nancy Ettenheim

    I love it! I’ve been enjoying your blog – read every one of them! Call me – let’s get together. Love, Yo Aunt Nanny

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