Summer Sunday

I haven’t showered yet today. I refuse to be in pictures. But here is my look on this summer Sunday.


You might be wondering how I am photographing my outfit, since I just told you that it’s my look for today…well I’m naked. *pause*. Just kidding. I’m photographing outside so that would be a little weird.

I decided to keep this outfit light-weight and simple. That way, if I need to add a cover up (the denim jacket) later on in the day, I can do so without having to change any other aspect of the look!

The top is a natural white tank from H&M’s Conscious Collection. Believe it or not, I spilled an entire pot of black coffee on this top a few days ago. It was quite the fiasco.


The skirt is a yellow, printed miniskirt from Zara, perfect for a warm, summer day: it’s short and the yellow hue is spot on for the first day of June! I bought it this past fall, so finding an exact link to the skirt is not quite possible, but here is the link to Zara’s miniskirt page!


The denim jacket is a Zara Basic Denim. Its light wash makes it appropriate for the summer, fall, and spring, and it’s light weight makes it ideal for a cool summer night. Though the jacket pictured above is a light wash, this is a similar jacket in a medium wash.


Lastly, I chose a few accessories to complete this look. The neutral tones of the jewelry complement the color palette of my outfit. The rings (all besides the wooden ring) are a variety of metals, tarnished due to wear and tear; as are the earrings. I thought about polishing these pieces, but honestly I like they way look tarnished! My ‘Aubry Round Sunglasses’ from Urban Outfitters are my favorite pair. I told myself that I would buy an expensive pair of sunglasses the once I’m able to maintain a cheap pair for over two years. This has not happened yet.


Oh. Shoes…right. Well, this is Milwaukee, not New York. I go barefoot.


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