Everyday ‘Au Naturel’

I have a secret; a secret that most women never tell. My “make-up free”, everyday appearance is, well, not so make-up free. If I truly wanted to go au naturel, I damn well could. But to be honest, I enjoy applying make-up.

The reason I’m telling you my secret is because I get complements on my ‘clear skin’, ‘colorful lips’, and ‘eyeliner application skills’. So, I thought I’d share my tricks!

IMG_5119Skin:  I don’t have bad skin, just your basic zit here and there and a chickenpox scar or two. But I like having an even skin tone. Wearing a full face of make-up is tricky: you want to use foundation to cover uneven skin, but doing so clogs your pores and makes acne/pores worse. So, I only use lightweight products on my skin. On a normal day, Garnier’s Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream is all I need. The “combination to oily skin” element makes this product a light, tinted moisturizer rather than actual foundation. The best part? It’s cheap. As in $12.99 for a top grade BB cream.

During the “let’s make Micayla’s face break out uncontrollably” phase, I relied on Clinique. My pick? The Superbalanced Makeup, a lightweight foundation that blends extremely well. For any dark spots that still made their way to the forefront of my face…the Matte Light Advanced Concealer. My mom originally bought these for me as a Valentines Day gift. She loves me.

Quick tip: Have any red spots/acne? Put a drop of Visine Original Redness Relief on it to help take the redness away.

IMG_5136Eyeliner: None! I have perfected my mascara application to the point where it appears as if I’m wearing a needle-thin swipe of eyeliner. However, when I do wear eyeliner, which is rare, I decide the color based upon the occasion. For the most part, I use nude colors such as bronze or brown. If I’m going out, I use a black felt-tip liner to do a cat-eye. (Exclaimer: the black felt-tip pictured below is not in use…but Stila has the best liquid/felt-tip liners.)

Mascara: So this is where the magic happens. It’s a tedious process at first, but once perfected, you don’t need eyeliner! The key of achieving this is to overcome the weirdness of the mascara wand touching the base of your eyelashes; the goal is to apply the mascara as close to the eyelid skin as possible. But wait…won’t you get mascara all over your eyelids? Yep! But that’s what Q-tips are for! Just use one to clean the mascara off the top of your lids.IMG_5134

Since mascara is the only eye makeup I wear on a daily basis, I use two different types for two different reasons. The first is Covergirl’s Flamed Out Mascara, which I use for volume. The second is L’oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara, which I use for definition (separating the eyelashes so they’re not clumpy).

Quick tip: Having trouble with your bottom lashes? Use an old, empty tube of mascara! The thin layer of mascara still in the tube is perfect for a light application on the bottom lashes. I use Maybelline’s Volum’ Express One-by-One Mascara on my bottom lashes.

IMG_5124Lips: I’m not a major lip color type of gal; I like to stick to moisturizing lip balms or salves. On occasion, I wear Neutrogena’s MoistureSmooth Color Stick or Angelissima’s Lip Gloss (which I got at a fashion show during New York Fashion Week).


Quick tip: For super soft, moisturized lips every day, brush your lips with Vaseline before going to bed! Use a hard bristled toothbrush and really scrub until your lips tingle.

Surprisingly, all of this takes about 10 minutes!

Want to see more products? Check out the thumbnail photos at the top of the Beauty page for a few more items I use every now and then!



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