Currently Loving…

(My top five spring/summer trends. Take a peek! Oh, and click the pictures to enlarge them!)

5. Walking Art – There is always a place in fashion for bold prints, but this season has taken the idea of “bold print” a little bit further. The graphics trend desperately needed a makeover, and that’s why this trend is in my top five! Rather than seeing more tribal print coming down the runway, we got to see Jackson Pollock-esque prints splattered over dresses and Andy Warhol type faces pasted on shirts and skirts.

4. Wide-Leg Pants Originally known as Palazzo pants, the trend first appeared in the 1960’s as a summer pant. The lightweight fabric and loose cut of the garment makes it a perfect piece for the summer. This trend is in my top 5 because the wide-leg pant is versatile; it can can be worn casually with sandals or dressed up with a silk top and wedges. If you really want to go full on trendy, it’s the white wide-leg pant that is all the rage.

3. The 40’s Dress- The 40’s dress is a vintage look at its finest. The reason this trend is in my top five is because this dress is summertime appropriate on all levels. It is 2014 and designers have given this classic dress some new features. So, while the silhouette remains the same, the cuts are deeper, the slits are higher, and the fabrics are ‘flowier’.  These modifications soften the original style of the 40’s dress, making it more feminine.

2. Sheer Garments- The success of a sheer garment is dependent upon how much sheer fabric is incorporated and where its used. So why would I put an ‘iffy’ trend as my #2 top pick for spring/summer? Because, if used correctly and proportionally, sheer pieces can be unbelievably sophisticated, edgy, and elegant; three qualities that I’m currently setting as the foundation for my wardrobe. Better yet, sheer fabrics ensure a lightweight, breezy garment…perfect for a spring/summer day!

1. The Contemporary White Shirt- The collar dates back to the 14th century, as a descendent of the ruffle, and since then, the collared shirt has become the staple item in both men’s and women’s closets. This season, the “new white shirt” dominated runways. My style has changed immensely over the past year, and I have become a sucker for collared shirts; naturally this trend made its way to the top of my list. The white shirt can make any outfit clean and chic, but the contemporary white shirt, featuring deeper cuts, bold graphics, crisp collars, oversized sleeves, and tight pleats, gives a whole new meaning to fresh.


Photographs from,,,; click the image for  the image address in the photo’s description!



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