When The Going Gets Tough, Shop Online


I have this dilemma. In order to be a fashion blog, you need to have items to photograph, discuss, etc. You see, I have quite a large wardrobe, and I was planning to share my daily looks with you…Especially since I was under the impression that I would be adding new pieces to my collection. But…I’m in Milwaukee, WI for the summer and let me tell you, the the retail scene here is, well, lacking? Not to diss my hometown, but Milwaukee isn’t the shopping center of the universe. Following me?

So I thought about the best ways to fix this dilemma (and yours if you find yourself in this same situation!), and well…

ONLINE SHOPPING. As of 30 minutes ago, I saved 77 items on Asos (which I then have to slim down to about 10 so that will be interesting). Online shopping is good if you have time and are willing to wait for the arrival of your items and inevitable return of at least two of those items. But beggars can’t be choosers, and in my case, I’m desperate.

Don’t know any good online shopping sites? Don’t you worry! Here a few of my favorites (with links!) AND links to Buzzfeed and Huffingtonposts’ lists of best/unknown online shopping sites!

Asos – has just about everything. Yep.

Nastygal – good for “going out” dresses, edgy accessories, and indie/punk/boho apparel.

River Island – just, yeah.

Modcloth – artsy and retro stuff. That about sums it up.

Gilt – designer buys at cheaper prices!

As I promised, here is the Buzzfeed article and the Huffingtonpost article!

For the men:

This blog has apparently ranked the top 25 online stores for men. Check out the post and click through the slideshow! (You might need to give it a minute to load BTW.)

This blog lists the 20 best online stores for me as suggested by men.

I really would have liked to list individual sites, but seeing as I have never shopped for men’s apparel, I wouldn’t know which stores are good and which are not worth your time!

Have fun!



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