Back to Basics: My Saved Items List on Asos

Well hello. Micayla here. It’s currently 7:01am and somehow I managed to make it to Brewed Cafe on Brady Street at this hour and write a blog post? Definitely hitting new lows here.

If you remember, I’m building a wardrobe! And if you really remember…I was online shopping a few days ago? Well, I slimmed my pickings down to *drum roll please* 28 items! Only 16 are garments though…so keep that in mind.

If you take a good look at these items, they are nothing out of the ordinary; most of them are basic pieces (some of which I already have). The reason I stick to neutral tones, clean-cuts, and simple detail is because they are the easiest to match with other pieces of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. My personal style conscience, sitting right here on my left shoulder (which seems to have taken the form of a ladybug at the moment) usually leads me away from crazy patterns, bright colors, and too much embellishment. Why? Well it’s distracting! And those items tend to be much harder to pair with various garments.

To be honest, slimming down my Saved Items list from 77 to 16 (clothing-wise) was not easy; I got distracted by crop tops, bomber jackets, bralettes, and retro sunglasses, but I told myself that the only way I would be able to build a wardrobe that I genuinely like is to look for basic pieces first! And that I did.

Also, that black sweater in the top row just went out of stock and I am thoroughly pissed about that. Just wait, I don’t know, 3 days before buying any of these items? That’d be swell 🙂 .

*Just kidding! But actually…*



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