Raining Style


I had a photo-shoot planned for last week Wednesday. I had outfits all picked out and then…it rained. But since I was feeling determined and undefeated that day, I wasn’t about to let anything ‘rain on my parade’. Literally. So, I did part of the photo-shoot in the rain! I guess this is super relevant to summer style because sh*t happens, like unpredicted weather, and you have to be ready to brave mother nature when the time comes!

I opted for this Amare Dress by Puella from Anthropologie. It’s a pullover swing dress made from a combination of light fabrics (jersey, cotton, lace), perfect for a summer day! Unfortunately, it appears to be sold out online, but here is a link anyways! Maybe it’ll be restocked soon? And, with rain comes cold air (normally), so I threw on my Zara Basics Denim Jacket to keep warm!

As for shoes? Well honestly, you can wear just about anything! But when it’s cool out, I tend to wear closed toe shoes. In these photographs I’m wearing Clarks Charlie Cap Oxfords, but my pair are your basic, brown leather. This is the exact pair, but in a metallic suede (which I kind of like!). I’m also wearing Monki Sally Tan Chelsea Ankle Boots which I bought last fall (except they weren’t on sale when I bought them…).

To top off my look, I was lucky enough to borrow this amazing chunky, vintage necklace from my aunt’s jewelry collection. She recently picked it up at an auction and I mean come on, does it get better than that? Yeah, I don’t think so.

And lastly, the umbrella. Normally (back in NYC) I use a basic, black umbrella, mainly because I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb in a sea of black. But here in Milwaukee, the Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella is perfect for a summer rain occasion!

Moral of the story: don’t fret when you’re out and about and it starts to rain! It’s the summer! Take a chill pill, open up an umbrella, and just do you.



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