Mr. Spring

It is midway through June and sorry boys, but I’m sick of seeing two-tone tanks, khaki shorts, and snapbacks. I mean, come on, seriously? What I really want to see is a little more class, a little more creativity, and well, more style.

There are some crazy trends hitting the streets this spring/summer for men, but I have two favorites that need discussing: fresh prints and bright kicks (or sneakers, trainers, whatever you prefer).

I’ve found that many men are afraid to wear prints. But not this season! Guys are wearing polka dots, watercolor, camo, and floral! And it looks damn good by the way. Personally, I like seeing guys that take risks with their style because you know they’ll always have some subtle (or obvious) quirk to their outfits that set them apart. I’m so used to seeing women taking major fashion risks, so it’s refreshing and appealing to see the men do it too!

As for the kicks, I’m totally on board with bringing back this shoe. I have seen many men wearing brightly colored/printed kicks with blazers and cuffed chinos, with shorts and T’s, and even with suits, and this simple shoe always catches my eye. Why? Because the type of guy that decides to wear a bright kick with a button down and jeans is confident enough to wear them, somewhat tuned in to fashion, and obviously has a creative/wild side!

Want to know about more trends this season? Check out this slideshow from Details Magazine. I hope to see more of you men taking risks!



Photo Credit: Click the photo for its link (in the description of the photo)


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