RIP Black Cigarette Jeans

Take from urban outfitters.comGuys, not only is today National Sunglasses Day, but it’s also an extremely tragic day. As I’m sitting here blogging, I happened to look down at my legs and *sniffle* I saw the nice, big hole forming in my favorite pair of black cigarette jeans.

I’m sure you all have that favorite pair of jeans; the pair you’ve had for at least 3 years that you just can’t seem to throw away. The pair that has been with you through thick and thin (literally and figuratively); the pair that can handle any first date or awkward moment (which are basically the same thing in my mind). So I’m sure you know the feeling of losing an old friend. Anyways, it was bound to happen at some point and I guess I could call it the end of an era?

The point of this post? Don’t be afraid to trade in that old pair of jeans/pants for new ones! Even better, use these types of situations to give your whole style a makeover. A new pair of jeans can work wonders for your wardrobe. So as I leave this pair of jeans behind, I move into raw denim, cotton twill, and well…a new pair of black cigarette jeans.

Music pick of the day (and I’m seriously obsessed with this song/don’t understand how I didn’t find it earlier!):

Happy National Sunglasses Day!


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