Short Hair Hacks

Having short hair is supposed to be “easier” right? You don’t have to worry about long braids, unruly curls, tangles, etc. <– Well that’s a myth, sorry guys! Don’t get me wrong, I love my short hair, but styling it is not easy. Bobby pins never stay in place, short layers always fly out everywhere…you get it.

Well, yesterday in my Anatomy and Physiology lecture, I was on Twitter. (Which is a new obsession/addiction…its not good.) And as I was scrolling though numerous tweets form men at #pfw #streetstyle, I fortunately stumbled upon Cosmopolitan’s tweet concerning…wait for it…short hairstyle hair hacks! So obviously that was way more important than the function of Mitochondria and the Golgi Apparatus.

Now I don’t usually spend time on my hair; it always ends up in a tight chignon bun at the base of my neck. Today however, I decided I’d try to do a (slightly messier) version of the pompadour! (See below!) It didn’t take long- all I needed was 6 bobby pins, dry shampoo, and very little patience. Now, I’m aware that my version does not look as “clean and glossy” as one you might see in a magazine, but let’s be realistic, I don’t have a personal hair stylist and I’m not big on hairspray.

Anyways, for those of you with shorter hair styles, check out Cosmopolitan’s short hair hacks! (The first one is ingenious by the way…)



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