Up Close With Eliza

Meet Elizabeth, my personal beauty guru, work-out buddy, and all around best friend.

How would you describe your style?

Elizabeth: I don’t think I have a style type…eclectic maybe? I don’t know!

Ok, so you seem to have a ton of printed dresses; you wore two of them today. Why do you like them so much?

Elizabeth: I think I like them because prints really just make the outfit… I mean, less effort! Haha *giggles* I mean there’s just so much effort put into the dress (the print) that you don’t need to focus as much on other aspects of the outfit. 

If you ask me, Eliza’s style is feminine, but not in the “girly girl pink” sense. She knows how to choose patterns, match colors, and accessorize perfectly. And that’s just covering fashion, don’t even get me started on make-up. But what I most admire about Eliza’s style is her effort (even if she chooses to wear an “effortless” printed dress); so many people (including myself at times) go for that “I just picked this off my floor effortless” look, and in reality, that takes a ton of time and effort. But she doesn’t bother to hide the fact that she puts care into her outfits every day, whether it’s a dress, blouse & jeans, or a skirt & sweater combination. And on top of it all, she never fails to add vibrant colors, vintage jewelry, and printed flats!

People always moan and groan about the people that care about their appearance, calling them “fake” or “unnatural”. To each their own, but I would like to give those people a verbal spanking. I think it takes confidence to step out on to the street, obviously showing that world that you care about how you look! You never know who you’ll meet while out and about!



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