If you haven’t caught up on the news lately, there’s some tension in the Middle East. This is not a political post in any way. In fact, it’s completely related to fashion…fashion aimed for Middle Eastern women. I spend a great deal of time reading articles published from Middle Eastern journals/news publications because many American sources forget to include important details about the situation at hand. Obviously there comes a point when reading the news is just depressing, so in those circumstances, I just delve right back into the world of fashion!

DKNY has designed a Summer 2014 collection aimed at Middle Eastern women celebrating Ramadan! The concept behind the collection was to create fashionable clothing that are appropriate for observant Middle Eastern women. The garments in this collection ensure the coverage of arms, legs, and cleavage. So while modesty is the goal, this Ramadan collection incorporates the most up-to-date trends, bold prints, and luxurious fabrics.

The Summer 2014 collection was designed by Yalda Golsharifi, the fashion editor at the Kuwaiti Styles Magazine and Tamara Al Gabbani a fashion designer in Dubai, and man on man (or “woman oh woman”) did they do an amazing job. Check out the #DKNYRamadan full collection and the article about the Summer2014 collection.

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  1. Nancy Ettenheim

    Cultural sensitiviity note: Not all Muslim women are middle eastern – in fact, Malaysia has the largest Muslim population of any other country in the world, I think. And then there are all the American Muslim women, etc etc. Interesting article on DKNY, however! Hope to see you tomorrow night.

    Love, Nanny

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