White T; Blank Canvas

When I read other fashion blogs my favorite posts are those that include every aspect of an outfit, from accessory to outerwear. Why? Well, it’s good inspiration for styling my own looks; seriously, having an entire outfit to work with is helpful. On my blog, I try my best to do the same…but not today.

Today is all about the plain white T-shirt and how to dress it up: hips and above! I know, I know, you probably want me to say “try a leather mini skirt or high waisted jeans” (which I just did by the way) but I’m not going to do that! Sometimes styling just one aspect of an outfit makes choosing the other parts easy!

The key to styling the white T is to keep it casual and chic, but not too casual. It’s a blank canvas; do whatever you want. Whether it’s adding a colorful blazer, chunky necklace, cuffing the sleeves, or simply tucking it into jeans and throwing on a pair of vintage shades, the white T is about as versatile as it gets, so take advantage of that!

Below, I did a quick style session for this Brandy Melville t-shirt!



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