The Floppy Hat

So I realized that my blog is lacking in the humor and personality department. I don’t talk dirty anymore or try to make you laugh! I think I’ll change that.

So today is particularly satisfying: I get to flaunt my new haircut. Naturally that required me dressing up to write this blog, using a fair amount of Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, and sipping a double dirty iced chai for sustenance.

*Imagine me sighing as if I just said #2 in one breath*

So, floppy hats. Let me tell you a quickie story: I almost owned a beautiful, crimson floppy hat. My Aunt plopped it on my head last October while walking the streets of NYC and I casually said, “Eh…I’m not really a hat girl though!”. BIG MISTAKE (Refer to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.) You see, I’ve never been much of a hat girl, but for some reason the floppy hat gets me. It’s simple, chic, and versatile; wear it out on the town or to the beach and you’ll look better than everyone else either way. It’s casual enough to wear with a denim button-down and cigarette jeans (i.e. below), but it’s stylish enough to with a high-waisted skirt and blouse. Ugh the floppy hat is too good. 
Crimson Hat
Well, there I am. October 2013 in the floppy hat.
Anyways, Trend Struck, a style blog I check out from time to time, happened to have a perfect floppy hat post. Check it out here for more examples of this dreamy topper.
Oh, thanks for laughing at my jokes. I make myself laugh too.

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