Game Day

I’m not sure if you’re all aware, but its football season!

(Football as in American football, not soccer!)

I will admit that I do not follow the NFL or football religiously…actually let me restate that. I barely watch football, UNLESS the Green Bay Packers are in the Super Bowl. I thought I’d show a little support to my home team (and to fashion) by putting together a “game day outfit” for you all! Seeing as I’m in New York City, I am unfortunately unable to hit the stands at Lambeau Field, but my outfit suits the wooden barstool at a sports bar quite well!

I like to keep things simple and comfortable, so I’ve kept this game day look pretty basic: ripped black skinny jeans, an official Aaron Rodgers NFL jersey (which you can find HERE at, a thicker grey cardigan to keep warm while walking down the streets of NYC, and black Converse High Tops.  But, to make sure that everyone at the bar knows I am true Wisconsin-ite, I decided to choose some argyle Green Bay Packer socks, a little nail art to represent my favorite team, and last but DEFINITELY not least…a cheesehead hat! You simple cannot be a true GB Packer fan without one of those.


What’s your game day outfit to rep your favorite team?? Send me an email and some links and I’ll post your looks!

Head to to get your official game day gear!








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