Welcome To Brooklyn

You may have seen this picture on my Instagram recently…but last weekend my friend and I hopped on the train (or rather transferred from the 1 to the 2 to the S to the 5) to go to Brooklyn for my cousin’s 28th birthday! Apparently Brooklyn is now associated with “Hipster” <– just for some background information.

photo-2My friends seem to think I’m hipster (maybe it’s because I wear a lot of black and carry my cameras everywhere and always have my hair pulled back into a little knot)…so when I tell them “oh I went to Brooklyn” or “oh I did this thing at this place” it usually ends up being associated with “micayla did something hipster”. When I invited my friend Olivia to come with me, she decided to out-hipster me on so many levels. Needless to say I was jealous.

All you need to see are the polka dot socks and Sam Edelman metallic oxfords to know that this outfit was perfect for a casual night out. She wore dark wash jeans and a plain, black v-neck sweater to complete her look, but to be honest, she could have been nude and that shoe & sock combo would have been just fine.


Take a hint everyone! This is the type of fun and “out there” combination that is unexpected enough to be appropriate for going out! It’s a good way to change up a basic look!

Comment with your thoughts!


One comment

  1. Those are the most fashion-aware feet I’ve seen in a long time!! Totally awesome combo….and the shoes look like they would dress up the tin man in the wizard of oz. Great fashion, and a great blog!

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