Scruff Up

11/19/2014. The date of my last blog post. Truly, that hurts, but I have to be honest, I am a busy bee/new yorker. I’m back for a little while, so read while you can!

So I always knew that I was mildly creepy when it comes to photography; I follow people until I get the right angle, best natural light, you get it. I was recently overseas, which means…prime photography environments. Obviously, I took tons of photographs, but there was this theme of scruffied, five o’clock-shadowed men in many of them, which, to be fair, I did not realize until I went through them this morning.

The series above shows a nice progression from 5 o’clock to scruff. What’s the point of all of this? MAINTAIN YOUR SCRUFF GUYS!

Here are a few do’s and don’ts while growing a quick scruff:

  • Do: know how fast your facial hair grows before you do anything. This is important.
  • Don’t: shave for a few days, but make sure it looks clean.

Once you’ve reach your optimal look…

  • Don’t: let it stay at that sharp, prickly length; either grow it out a bit more or shave it off (nobody wants to kiss a sharp prickle!). Please.

Now the fun stuff. “How to maintain well kept scruff – 5 areas to keep trim” is a guide from Dappered, a men’s style website. I may appreciate good scruff when I see it, but I’m no “expert”, so this article seemed like a good choice!

Read up boys! This whole ‘scruff thing’ is a good (very good) thing so go for it! (You’re doing us all a favor by doing so.)

I’ll be back soon! ~ML


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