7th Heaven: My Favorite Stores (and Why!)

Shopping is overwhelming, let’s just get that straight. But it doesn’t have to be…if you know where to shop! These stores may not have my favorite clothing, but they are the seven stores I chose as my favorite for shopping! Here’s why:

7. Beacon’s Closet – If you’re not a New Yorker, this store may seem unfamiliar. Let me fill you in, it is a thrift store (or chain of thrift stores) that buys/sells/trades vintage and modern clothing. BC sells everything from designer dresses to nameless, vintage scarves. It’s great. Exclaimer: I do need to be ‘in the mood’ to thrift shop when going to BC because you’re only allowed 10 items in the dressing room at once, and I usually try on 30-40 items…

6. Zara – I am never overwhelmed here, and we all know how awful it is to feel overwhelmed while shopping. Zara keeps their space organized and open, making it super easy for me to grab clothing from the different racks as I walk back to the changing room.

5. Topshop – Fast fashion at its finest. Shopping at Topshop makes me feel all sorts of happy, mainly because there is SO MUCH CLOTHING. This store covers just about every style/trend out there, so if I’m feeling funky, they have a neoprene mini skirt; if I’m feeling preppy, they have a two-tone button up that tucks perfectly into white denim. You feel me?

4. Madewell – I never feel uncomfortable in Madewell; there is a great vibe in this store, as well as great clothes! Simple as that. Who wants to feel awkward while shopping?

3. Uniqlo – This is your basics heaven.  I go to Uniqlo when I’m in desperate need of basics. Not only does this store have every basic article of clothing in every color, but it’s extremely organized. For a Type A individual, that is gold.

2. Anthropologie – Not only can you buy great clothing, but you can furnish your entire house/apartment/studio there as well! Part of the reason I love going to this store is because there are other things to look at besides clothing, and for me, that makes shopping less stressful.

1. Brandy Melville – EVERYTHING IS ONE SIZE. All you have to do is go in, find an oversized T made from the most comfortable fabric, try it on, and buy it. No size debates, itchy fabrics, or expensive prices!