Wisconsin, Wardrobes, What?

I’ve been MIA for about 4 days- sorry. I work at a bakery and I’ve been in the back cooler for the last few days chowing down on some fudge brownies. Just kidding, but I have been working. Anyways, I thought I’d update you on whats going on! The homepage is undergoing major changes, so that should be up and running within the next few weeks or so? What else…I did a photo shoot today at the Milwaukee Public Market (commonly known as the Milwaukee Pubic Market because the light on the “L” goes out all the time), so those pictures & posts should be showing up on this blog shortly! There’s even a picture of me with cheese shaped as a cow! #Born&Raised #Wisconsin. Yep, I just did two hashtags.

closetsThe real reason I’m blogging is because I found a short but spot-on article about building a wardrobe! And I told myself that it was absolutely necessary to share this with you!

Building a wardrobe is essential, and most people don’t do it until much later in the game. And by that point, well, you’re going to have some problems when it’s time to go to a “dressy casual business outing”. I’ll tell you more about how I’ve started building my own wardrobe but that will be later on…for now, check out this article!


THIS IS THE LINK RIGHT HERE CLICK IT NOW! (Hint: if you click the pics, you get more details about the garments!)

Comments? Questions? Leave one below!

Happy Hump Day!



Photo Credit: featured photo is from the website linked above, photo in the post: (


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